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I picture, therefore I am.

Stranger (II) —Tales from the Rain World, by Abelardo Ojeda.

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BTW this song works amazing to enjoy this image.

Hi! I'm Federico from Italy. I love your pics and i'm curious about your technic. For example the pic: "The Twilight Zone" or "The King of the Streets". What is the shutter time? what kind of film was used for it? Thank. Kind Regards. Federico

Thank you Federico.

The Twilight Zone and The King of the Streets, both are taken at 1/15 sec. I use very slow shutter speeds to give some expressiveness to my pics, but you will need a steady hand to sync your movement with your surroundings.

Both pics are digital, I stop shooting film since school, it’s not practical for me anymore.

Anyway, you will need to experiment with your shutter speed and other settings. One technique does’t fit all.